Personalised Virus Removal

Even when using Anti-Virus with all the latest updates, it is still possible for your computer to get infected with malware. And once you have one virus, more are sure to follow. Anti-Virus progams are not always able to get rid of the virus, and usually don’t remove all the files associated with the virus, merely the executables. If you’re unlucky, you could still be harbouring multiple gigabytes’ worth of warez or movies in hidden folders on your hard-disk.


This stolen! unreferenced! image portrays a man attempting to pretend to have fallen asleep due to the insane slowness of his computer’s boot sequence.

If you take your computer to a repair shop, chances are they’ll tell you that you need a reload, which returns your computer to factory conditions. If you’re lucky, they might save your documents (& charge you extra for the pleasure), but the task of re-installing all your programs will be left to you. It could be weeks before everything is back the way you like/want/need it…

But this is really not necessary. Most viruses can be removed without requiring a re-install. What’s more, I can clean up your computer without you or the computer leaving your home! As long as the computer is still able to go on the internet, I can remove all malware off your computer from the (relative) comfort of my workshop, without ever entering your premises in person. All this at a time that suits you. (Workshop hours from 10:00 to 22:00)

Want to know more? Contact me. Want to know how this works? Look at the explanation.

If your computer is no longer able to contact the internet, you have to live within a 20-mile radius from Derby for me to be able to help you, as this will involve a home visit. Contact me.

In the highly unlikely event that your operating system is actually beyond repair, there’s nothing to pay!

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