OpenShift and the Disappearing Application

Never one to pass up an opportunity to play around with something free, I examined RedHat’s OpenShift and the terrifying git cloning business. My, isn’t that difficult to work.OpenShift by Red Hat 2014-03-18 15-55-32

Eventually, making use of their “Instant App,” I created a “WordPress 3.x” install, and, without thinking about possible the consequences of that, uploaded the database from this blog into it.

This morning, I noticed that this had completed successfully, but within minutes, it went from “503 Service Unavailable” to “Host not Found”. Some searching for “There are not enough free gears available to create a new application. You will either need to scale down or delete existing applications to free up resources.” brought this link: so I duly fired off an email with my username and what happened. But it was crossed in the mail with a missive from them:

Hello!On Mar 18, 2014 at 07:49:23 AM the OpenShift operations team flagged your application.

We believe your use of OpenShift violates the Services Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy both of which can be found here:

Infected file(s):
/var/lib/openshift/5326fbfae0b8cdabc60000fe/mysql/data/wp/wp_posts.MYD: PHP.ShellExec
/var/lib/openshift/5326fbfae0b8cdabc60000fe/mysql/data/wp/wp_posts.MYD: PHP.ShellExec

You can contact us at ‘[email protected]

The Red Hat OpenShift Team

Meh. So basically, a blog post about a shell script, actually quoting that script, is not possible, because of their over-zealous anti-virus?

So, some more emailing. And: Ouch! Not even a salutation, now…

We have given you back the ability to create gears.
Please make sure that you do not post that content again.
The gear and it’s content were deleted and will not be restored.

Corey Daley
Senior Product Marketing Manager
OpenShift Team
@openshift, @openshift_opsRed Hat Summit | April 14-17, 2014 | San Francisco
Learn. Network. Experience open source.

Why on earth would you want to save your social network log-in details on equipment in a shop?

Went to Curry’s to see if there was anything to get greedy over. Also looked at the tablets. Just about the only thing you are able to do with them is use the browser to go on the internet. Someone else already did that before me, and, what’s more, didn’t just log into Facebook, they saved their credentials. Tut tut, Mr Brady, for not completing all the questions Facebook asks.


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